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The establishment of Borigaram Agriculture Technical College, run by the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism’s Dreaminus, a fundraising organization on 6th September 2016 will be an important opportunity for agricultural development in Tanzania.


We believe that fostering talented persons is the key to the development of agriculture in Tanzania. Borigaram Agriculture Technical College supports excellent students to receive the Korea’s advanced farming techniques and technology, and the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism’s Dreaminus bears the operating expenses for those students to be educated without worrying about tuition.


Our students will have a lot of challenging opportunities through Borigaram Agriculture Technical College and will be nurtured as leaders to develop Tanzanian agriculture making rural villages happy places to live.


I spare no effort working with the faculty and staff at Borigaram Agriculture Technical College to help our students grow into future leaders.


Our existing generation, including myself, will soon retire, and the future of Tanzania will be left to you to make it better than it is now.


If you challenge yourself to achieve your dreams and hopes at Borigaram Agriculture Technical College, we will do our best to support you.


Let's work hard together until the day that our dreams come true.



J.B. Ndunguru




31th July, 2019

ADDRESS : P.O.BOX 106276 Dar es salaam, Tanzania Plot no1, Block V, Chekeni Mwasonga, KisaraweⅡ, Dar es salaam, Tanzania
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